Tourism in Morocco – Hot spot for every visitor

The Moroccan economy has been growing steadily for the last few years. It has been one of the most politically stable countries and has been working hard to boost the tourism industry, which has a high potential for growth. Morocco is called the land of mystery and a place worth a visit.

The sun shines bright nearly 300 days of the years and makes for a good setting for some great vacations visiting deserts, beaches and snow capped mountains. There is such diversity you can hardly want to miss anything. The strong culture lures one and all to explore the colorful lives of the Moroccans.

Under the guidance of King Mohammed VI and his plan of Vision 2020, the Moroccan government is taking great efforts to improve infrastructure that is needed to support about 20 million visitors by 2020. Efforts are being taken to market Morocco as a cheap and exotic location yet safer for all tourists. Domestic tourism is also being popularized.

The government is planning and executing good projects that are aimed at improving the rail and road links. The open skies policy has also allowed more airlines to come in into the country. The airports are being upgraded or new ones build to match the international standard and support larger number of air traffic.

With improved relations with Algeria, the borders have been opened and air services between the two countries have resumed. The Algerian tourists are growing in numbers with tourists coming in to even visit family and friends in Morocco. There are popular ports like Casablanca and Tangier that often have cruise ships visiting. The road link as well as the rail link is also good between the major cities and tourist destinations making it the most popular mode of transport.