Morocco is located on the westernmost tip of north Africa, bordering Algeria to the east and Mauritania to south , the Atlantic ocean to the west and the Mediterranean to the north.

Running through the middle of the country is the Atlas mountain range. The Middle Atlas range sweeps up from the south, rising to over 3,000m (9,850ft), covered with woodlands of pine, oak and cedar, open pastureland and small lakes. The Rif Mountains run along the north coast. Often snow-covered in winter, Morocco's mountains are home to the country's significant indigenous Berber population.

The long stretch of Atlantic coast down Morocco's western side features cool breezes and long sandy beaches. It is separated from the mountainous region by wide swathes of fertile plains. To the north, is the Mediterranean coast, just a stone's throw from the European continent – Gibraltar is an hour’s ferry ride away.

In the south of the country, the Sahara is the largest desert in the world. Far from being featureless, it is dotted with fascinating traditional villages and cool oases.