Challa Archaeological Site

Chellah is considered to be the oldest known human settlement along the banks of the Oued Bou Regreg (Bou Regreg River). The site is perched dramatically above the fertile river plain of the estuarine portion of Oued Bou Regreg, two kilometres from its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. The site is thought to have been originally a colony of Phoenician and Carthaginian exploration as early as the third century BC, but the earliest recognisable architecture dates from Roman occupation circa 40 AD. In any case, the site is one of the earliest clearly identifiable settlements of man in Morocco; the site is now at the edge of the city of Rabat, the present day capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. The analysis herein is based upon a review of extant literature and my on site examination of October, 2007.

Chellah minaret

Roman marker stone

Roman ruins (Sala)

Ruins of Chellah

The entrance of the Necropolis Chellah.

The gateway to leave Chellah

The tomb of Sultan Marini and his wife

Main gate of Chellah

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